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Tarot Corner - The Green Witch Oracle Deck Review

One of the things I'd like to write about for my blog are the various forms of divination that I work with or am interested in, tarot being one of them. For tarot specifically, I've decided to call these blog posts Tarot Corner. I plan to write about a variety of different topics under the tarot umbrella, one of those being deck reviews which is what I'll be discussing today. 

For my first review I'll actually be reviewing an oracle deck I recently picked up and have been working with for daily card pulls. Since getting more serious with my tarot journey 5 years ago, I've come to prefer using oracle decks for daily card pulls over tarot as I feel they are better for an overall energy or focus for the daily (totally personal preference, I'll write more about that in another post I'm sure). So, allow me to introduce you to the Green Witch Oracle....


The Green Witch Oracle by Cheralyn Darcey

The Green Witch Oracle is a 44 card oracle deck created by Cheralyn Darcey and published by Rockpool Publishing. Both creator and publisher are located in Australia. This is a mass market deck, first published in 2021 and widely available from your local metaphysical shops, book stores and Amazon. The deck retails for roughly $30.95 CAD / $21.95 USD depending on where you purchase it from. 


The deck itself is packaged in a sturdy 2 piece box that neatly fits both deck and guidebook inside. The overall packaging is wonderfully done in that the box, guidebook and deck all flow with the same theme. I love that attention to detail! Moving onto the guidebook, this little book comes in full colour and offers a 2 page layout for each card. The guidebook also contains a few spreads for working with the deck, a glossary and a bibliography for further plant study (which I love!) Overall, it's a decent guidebook although I felt a few things were lacking which I'll get to in a minute.


Getting back to the 2 page layout for each card, I found some good information included as a starting point. I love that the Latin names for each plant are included. There's a section for the oracle meaning, cultivation of that plant, a few magickal correspondences, and lastly a spell that incorporates that plant. I absolutely love the cultivation guide as someone who enjoys gardening and growing my own plants whenever possible. The oracle meanings are short and to the point and again I feel that they offer a good starting point while leaving room for your own interpretations, knowledge, and personal gnosis surrounding that particular plant.

I felt the magickal correspondences to be a little short and even though the deck is divided into 4 elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire) there was no information connecting the plant to that element and giving more information surrounding that. However, given the smaller size of the guidebook there's only so much room so I get it! Plus, I feel like if you're drawn to using this deck you either have already begun a study of working with plant magick or if a beginner, you're studying plants from other sources as well. 


Moving on to the most important part of this review, the deck itself! Rockpool Publishing knows quality. The deck is made from sturdy, durable cardstock with a glossy finish. The size of the cards are a little on the larger side making them a bit difficult to shuffle for smaller handed people like myself. The backs are a lush green with the 4 element glyphs and designed in a way that makes them reversible if reading reverse cards is your jam. The artwork on the front is a beautiful mix of watercolour and pen and ink which the creator states are from their own personal gardening journals. I absolutely love this style of art, it's one of my favourites! The cards also include the element glyph and zodiac glyph on the front as well which I love.

As I mentioned previously, the deck is divided into 4 sections: Earth - Vegetables, Fire - Herbs, Water - Fruits and Air - Flowers. I think it would have been cool to have a 5th section for Spirit but that's because I use the 5 element model rather than just the 4 (again personal preference here!). There is a wide variety of plants included in the deck and I love how it's not just the typical 'witchy' associated herbs. You might not necessarily think about working with cauliflower magickally over something like lavender or rue but here it is in this deck! Which makes me feel like this deck would also work well in kitchen witchery. All the plants contained within this deck are common and easily obtainable so if you want to explore the spells from the guidebook it's easy to get your hands on the required ingredients. 


If you're looking for an oracle deck to use within your green, kitchen, or plant centred path, I would definitely recommend the Green Witch Oracle as one to add into your collection. It's fun and simple yet beautifully done and profound. I hope you've enjoyed my first deck review. Feel free to leave me a comment! 


Disclaimer: All decks reviewed on my blog are purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated. These reviews are based in my opinion and experiences working with the deck. All pictures are taken myself and not to be used without permission. 

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